We partner with churches, networks, ministries, non-profits, missionaries, and leaders in various sectors around the world to proclaim Christ and demonstrate the gospel in action.

  • Church Planting

    • Edinburgh, Scotland: Niddrie Community Church leads a network that plants gospel-centered churches in the poorest neighborhoods of Scotland. Watch: "Mez McConnell's Testimony"
    • Nairobi, Kenya: new partnership pending.
    • Detroit, Michigan: new partnership pending.
  • Business & Government

    • Entreprenuership: The Neema Foundation (non-profit founded by members of Grace) provides microfinance loans and mentorship to fight poverty in Beni, Congo. Read: Butoto Mahinuzi's Testimony
    • Architecture: Jason and Michelle Cherry (members of Grace) serve at 100 Fold Studio where Jason is an architect. 100 Fold Studio trains, equips, and sends young architects to demonstrate the love of Jesus by designing buildings that are safe, efficient, and inspiring around the world.
  • Medicine & Law

  • Education & Arts

    • Leadership Development: Jon Shaw (member of Grace) serves as Provost at the Christian Bilingual University of Congo to educate and equip national leaders in Beni, Congo.
    • Primary School: Kate Shaw (member at Grace) serves as Director of the Bilingual Academy of Congo to raise up and train the next generation of leaders in Beni, Congo.
  • Women & Children

    • Orphanage: Ben & Leah Welton (members of Grace) serve respectively as nurse and social worker to abandoned, orphaned, and displaced children at Rancho Ebenezer in Tegucilgalpa, Honduras.
    • Prostitution: Sak Saum serves to set women free through rescue, restoration, rehabilitation, and transformation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. All seasonal accessories sold at Grace are hand-made by women escaping prostitution. Watch: "For Freedom"
  • Disaster Relief & Community Development

    We support various organizations and opportunities including:

    • World Vision
    • Blood:Water Mission
    • Compassion International
    • Short-Term Mission Trips