Family Worship & All-Church Potluck

Sunday, May 7

5:30 pm at Grace Canton

Join us for a meal and a family-friendly worship service. The meal is a potluck for the entire church family to enjoy together. Sign up for what you'd like to bring at the board in the lobby.

After the meal we'll move to the sanctuary for the Family Worship Experience, beinning at 6:15 pm. If you'd like to stay, it's open for everyone! If you'd rather just stay in the lobby and chat, or leave after the dinner, that's fine too.

Family Worship is a kid-friendly service but not strictly for kids. It is a skit-based service that talks about a specific life application. This service will be all about DEDICATION.

If you've never experienced a Family Worship, please come for a night of fun, laughter and learning.