GraceKids Bible Bucks

The GraceKids Bible Bucks Store will be open at the end of service each Sunday in the summer. Children should bring their "GK Bucks" if they plan to spend them.

For new parents, in the Student Center (K-5th), kids earn and save points called "GK Bucks," similar to saving money. Items can be "purchased" twice a month, on the first and second Sundays of the month. Items are on display so kids can see what they want to save for. 

Each week a child earns GK Bucks for different things.

Attendance: 1 GK Buck

Monthly Bible Verse: 1 GK Buck

God Time Review Sheet: 1 GK Buck for each God Time returned

Bringing a Friend: 1 GK Buck for a friend's first visit

Memorizing the books of the Old Testament: 5 GK Bucks

Memorizing the books of the New Testament: 5 GK Bucks

If you are interested in becoming involved with our store, GraceKids is looking for volunteers to help kids with purchases or by acting as a cashier twice a month. In addition, GraceKids would love any donations of new small toys, legos, crafts, gift cards, etc. We are also looking for a few larger prizes to encourage kids to save.

This program encourages regular attrendance, learning verses in the Bible, and helps them dive more deeply into their lesson by doing their review sheets, all ways they can grow more in their faith.

For questions, or to help out, please contact GraceKids Administrator Jen Heers.