"The Bible"

Saturday, March 17, 9 am-12 pm

The bible is considered the most read book in world history. It's estimated that in 2017 there are over 5 billion bibles in circulation. As of October 2017 the full Bible has been translated into 670 languages - the New Testament alone into 1,521 languages - and Bible portions or stories into 1,121 other languages. Despite it's popularity and accessibility, the average person states that they don't understand the bible, are afraid of the bible and are confused with it's overall message. 

On Saturday, March 17, from 9 am-12 pm, Grace Canton is holding a learning lab that focuses on discovering the bible. Our goal is that through interactive discussion and active listening, you'll gain a better understanding of the story, history, theology and overall message of the bible.  

Please email Zach Stamp to sign up or ask questions.  

Refreshments and child care will be provided.